House Rules

1. NO self seating. You MUST be seated by a hostess
2. NO joining an existing table or pulling tables together. 
3. During peak hours tables in Dining Areas are reserved for DINING and will have a 2 hour limit.
3. NO separate checks.
4. NO Club Colors
5. NO Coolers or Backpacks
6. NO Outside Food or Beverages.
7. NO Excessively Baggy Clothing
8. Hats must be worn forward or backward
9. NO "beaters" or clothing displaying profanity/obscene gestures
10. NO Sunglasses worn after dark
11. NO dogs after 7pm. Dogs are allowed on the Tiki side of the beach ONLY
12. Shirts and Pants are required in all dining areas at all times. Pants are to be worn properly. 
13. Children MUST be supervised. Swimming is at your own risk.
14. Must be 21 with VALID ID after 10pm
15. NO vertical ID's.
16. Reservations are not taken Friday - Sunday from April 9th to September 11th.
17. NO loud music on boats.
18. The pier closes at Midnight. ALL boats must be cleared by this time. NO overnight docking

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